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To see your happy family photo gets me going, striving to make a happy family of my own. I know I can’t make it a complete photo since we can never drag an unhappy person, but I am quite content with just three people there.

It was quite a long battle to be honest with myself and a bigger challenge to live with the consequences—you know, accept it and live on.

It’s always been you, but pride and wrong choices were the top priorities of those days. We were young then and I only wanted someone to stay forever, as if forever is real.

No, I am not trying to persuade you or convince myself with anything that would complicate lives. I am merely expressing myself now because I can. There’s a certain liberating effect to this. I am not afraid anymore, not ashamed. I’ve been hurt more than I expected, and a few good things I learned from those experiences were that I should be true and compassionate to myself. They shield me from the bombarding of negative energies.

These days, things are bearable. Loneliness is becoming a close friend. I don’t feel that alone anymore because I know my worth.

As I see your photo, I keep my head above my heart and I smile. I know you made a good decision. I made mine a good one too.

As I see your smile, I remind myself to carry on and that I have forgiven myself.

Love can let go. Love can love from afar and still go on with life with gratefulness and delight. It doesn’t have to be hurting—bittersweet, maybe, but never remorseful.

Just like what Maria said, “Love isn’t love ‘til you give it away.” So be it because such is life.


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Since I was child, I like to look up to the sky and observe the changing formation of clouds. I like to look at mountains and wonder how they got their shapes. I like to look at the sea if the waves are high or the surface is calm. I like to observe and write about it.

When I was in sixth grade, a small plane flew too close to our school. I shouted, “Look! He’s flying too close!” A classmate said, “Kaignorante pud nimo oi!” and laughed away. A lot of kids were near us and heard everything and laughed too. I was just trying to point out something that was not ordinary.

I learned a lesson that day. It’s not good to share your observations. You’d be called a moron if you do.

When I was in high school, science and history fascinated me. These areas of learning made me create a world of my own. I spent my breaks in the library reading world history, geography, geology, astronomy, etc. I still remember that embarrassing moment.

When I was in college, I had more time to read.

When Bohol was struck with a M 7.2 earthquake, I don’t read geo anymore, but I still remember that embarrassing moment.

Now I learn a new lesson. I should not be embarrass to learn more or to share what I learn. God gave me a brain to be able to learn so I can equip myself with proper knowledge and share it with others.

It takes a post from a beautiful person to learn my mistake. Thank you, Monalisa Smile. Reading and learning about the earth, the clouds, the seas, and the world’s history will resume as soon as I post this. Oh, and after I vote today.

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To many a Christian, prayer is important. Some might just say it in times of need, others make it a way of life. With the recent quake that hit Bohol the most, people around the country offer prayers to the victims.

Whenever you say “I will pray for you,” pray the instant after you said the line. Here’s why…

The intense of the desire to comfort the person is there, so make use of it–pray immediately. Have you noticed the fervor–that burning and warm feeling–when praying while we are in a dire situation? I say, that very moment makes our prayers effective and affective because we pour our hearts out, we pray with our soul and the force of our whole being.  I heard this advise from a homily in a mass I have attended a few years back. Since then, I pray immediately after saying I will pray for that person. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say. Also, we tend to forget as the day passes by. Our promised prayers for our friends and families could be forgotten because we’ve been busy. We have no intentions to forget them, right? So might as well pray now and not later.


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