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swirly doodling art

can you spot the number 3?

I doodle when the teacher is in the long lecture mode.
I can concentrate this way.
It’s fascinating how shading swirls form shapes, objects, letters, and even faces.
My 3-year old is now interested in art. After the basic lines and swirls, I introduce this style to her.
We used Microsoft Paint. It’s much easier to use for a kid than Adobe Photoshop, not messy and saves time.
She loves to put the colors on the spaces, giggling and wide-eyed.
She can see her work anytime she wants without ruining it with a dirty hand.
I’d love to paint with her and Aya one day when I’m not that busy and when the most awaited poster paints, canvas and brushes are purchased.

I’m not sure what’s the official terminology for this type, but I call this swirly doodling art.


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the foolish artist opens the paint
from the start button
to express her deeps
on a fake canvas

all along
scratching lines of
brushing tears
on a fake canvas

that’s all she could
from the prison
she created
on a fake canvas

trapping all uncertainties
imprisoning negatives
shouting despair
throwing fears
on a fake canvas

she is relieved
the tears dried up
wondering when
will the next downfall be
her fake brush now rests
on the fake canvas.

from me to you

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I found a poet!

I found a poet!

Her words are oh so….. hmmmm.

She speaks my feelings more than I can

An awakening of a lost passion

The inspiration the heart is searching

Could I be wrong?

Darn no….

The heart is never wrong with poetry.

The poet is never wrong with words.

This is crazy because I cannot write a whole sentence to describe the poet and the poem I have read.

All I can do is write a poem.

This is crazy or is it?

Why am I crying?

Because of words?

Because I am.


check out her heartwarming poetry and amazing art at http://silverpoetry.wordpress.com/.

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