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After a long shift and a banging head, I headed home. While my head bobbed inside the jeepney, my eyes caught a long table with books on it. A book fair! I was out of the jeep in a blink, trailed my way to the city’s public library parking space and was greeted with a poster and happy smiles. Sleepiness all gone.

When I scan book spines for titles and authors I always search for Star Wars, Agatha Christie, Michael Crichton, Paulo Coelho and children’s books. It must be my lucky day because I found a soft cover copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho for Php15! I have downloaded some of his books but my eyes are still on A Song of Ice and Fire’s book two: A Clash of Kings ebook. I can’t bring them anywhere because the reading gadget is still out of my budget.  After deciding one hardcopy of a book is enough for me, I rummaged through the thinner and smaller children’s books on the other side of the table. Prices range from Php5-40. I was not searching for any particular author but for something easy to read and not too long for a first grader remembering Peter is a boy who loves to tap the keyboard and stare at the TV with an open mouth. I found four books of familiar topics: Peter and the Penny Tree (bought because of the name), The Pancake Man (my kids love pancakes), The Amazing Popple Seeds (very easy to read), and Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed (they love the Five Little Monkey song).  My 3-year old girlalu can’t read yet but she mimics along when we read and identifies colors and things in books and gives her important opinion about them every time.

It could be because they see me read almost every day that when they know the books are for them, my kids look truly happy and interested. Peter first grabbed the book with his name on it and began reading. He still needs help with his long ‘a’ and a few long words. He read The Pancake Man next. I asked him some questions about the books and he was able to answer them correctly! Yay!

They really are very thin books—20 pages max. Peter could have disregarded them after flipping some pages but he did not. What I have appreciated most is my kid’s interest to read, to understand and to remember the stories he has read or read to him. Peter finished two books within ten minutes and I am one happy and proud mama.  This makes me want to buy more come payday! I don’t buy the brand new copies since they are expensive. I go to BOOKSALE at SM City Cebu for secondhand copies which are way much cheaper. I don’t expect my kids to be that careful. They will tear and bite pages but at least I won’t get a heavy heart on it.

It’s a great start of a reading relationship with the kids. This is a dream, I know, but I would love to share some books to my kids when they are ready, to recommend good reads, brilliant authors and compare notes. How lovely would that be…

Two Peters and the Pancake Man

Well done, love!


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