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This should be short. šŸ˜€

I have this attitude to never give up until I get it right or I get what I want when I set my mind on something.

If I have made a final move to leave him and break our family, what would there be? What will become of our children? What will become of us?

I am an advocate of having a complete familyā€”together and living in the same house, at that. I don’t believeā€”not right nowā€”that parenting or being a family can be done rightly when the pack is not living together. Sorry for being stubborn.

Amid and after all that had happened to me and my husband, I still believe that we can make this family better and stronger. I still believe that people change for the better. I always believe in moving forward together.

We sure have a lot of differences and we sure have a lot of disagreements. However, we slowly make amends and develop into two people who think more about the welfare of our small family and less of our personal gains. I now know how to shut my mouth, and he now knows how to help me with the chores without my telling. I now know how to support his interests, and he now knows how to respect my crying over a cheesy movie. We now both readā€”different books, yes, but we now both do something together. And, golly, how much we sing together during weekends!

We still keep each of our own money. We still buy our own share of expenses separately. I pay for our daughter’s school fees, he pays for our son’s. He still has the habit of throwing everything on the floor. I still don’t like to pick them up for him. He likes to play the blame game and I don’t have a lot of patience.

There are things we can live with and there are as many things we can’t stomach. There are two people in this relationship, two different people with different personalities. We have to compromise and meet in the middle.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think of giving it all up sometimes. In fairness, we didn’t plan about anything before we got married. We didn’t plan about a house, how many kids, who’s going to keep the money, whose this and thatā€”didn’t. That’s a mistake on our part. But we need to keep moving forward and patch up those holes and level in those humps because we are here and we have a family.

Whenever low times hit me, I will always remind myself that we are not perfect people. We grow, we wither, then we grow stronger. We just can’t give up because we don’t like what we feel and see. We will always be a work in progress, and we shouldn’t and wouldn’t give upā€”not yet.


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This is a song by Filipino artist Ariel Rivera in the nineties.Ā 

I still have the photograph of you
I’ve keep it all this years
I guess it would make you laugh to know
It still brings back the tears
From another place and time
When your love was mine
A picture of innocence— your eyes
They move me even now
If I had the confidence– I’d try
To bring you back somehow
To another place and time
When your love was mine

Maybe I’m just a sentimental fool
Bringing back memories
From a photograph of you,

Back to another place and time
When your love was mine

I still have a photograph of you
I’ve kept it all these years.

This was the first thing that came to my mind when DP posted Always Something There to Remind Meā€”something I haven’t listened to for almost a year.

The irony is, I don’t have a photograph of or a person worth remembering out of this song. I just love to listen to it. It’s filled with longing and loveā€”just the right size of romance. Big factor is the artist’s cool voice and the emotion it bringsā€”it’s likeĀ missing someone I can’t even grasp who.

Still, Ariel Rivera will always be my favorite OPM singer. Thanks for reminding me, DP.

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