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gitawag tikawng buotan
kay buotan ka para nako, miga
kay di ka dawo sa imong mga ideya
pero di pud tanga para mabugalbugalan ka

What? Buotan ko? I’m not!

Sa imong pangutana ako nakapangutana
unsa man gyud diay meaning anang pulonga
nga bisan ga-layout ko diri
niundang ko para magsusi?

kibaw ta unsay buotan, di ba?
apan hangtod asa?

buotan ka ba kay mosunod ka sa sugo
bisan mura ka nag mutsatsa?

buotan ka ba kay mopasensiya
bisan pagkatawo nimo gitumban na?

buotan ka ba kay manggihatagon ka
bisan pamlete, sa tinuod lang, wa na?

usa ray gituhoan nako, miga
tanan tawo buotan ug boang
kung wa ka gisapot, buotan ka
kung sapoton ka, palayo nalang ta.

sa dagan aning suwata, 
hasta ako galibog na
buotan, unsa na?
aw, basta!


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Since I was child, I like to look up to the sky and observe the changing formation of clouds. I like to look at mountains and wonder how they got their shapes. I like to look at the sea if the waves are high or the surface is calm. I like to observe and write about it.

When I was in sixth grade, a small plane flew too close to our school. I shouted, “Look! He’s flying too close!” A classmate said, “Kaignorante pud nimo oi!” and laughed away. A lot of kids were near us and heard everything and laughed too. I was just trying to point out something that was not ordinary.

I learned a lesson that day. It’s not good to share your observations. You’d be called a moron if you do.

When I was in high school, science and history fascinated me. These areas of learning made me create a world of my own. I spent my breaks in the library reading world history, geography, geology, astronomy, etc. I still remember that embarrassing moment.

When I was in college, I had more time to read.

When Bohol was struck with a M 7.2 earthquake, I don’t read geo anymore, but I still remember that embarrassing moment.

Now I learn a new lesson. I should not be embarrass to learn more or to share what I learn. God gave me a brain to be able to learn so I can equip myself with proper knowledge and share it with others.

It takes a post from a beautiful person to learn my mistake. Thank you, Monalisa Smile. Reading and learning about the earth, the clouds, the seas, and the world’s history will resume as soon as I post this. Oh, and after I vote today.

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To remember you
is to smile
and be brave
and to stop
rooting for beer

–is to live
the carefree life
of idle chats
and to read

—means books–
heavy, musty,
real, and yellow;

—means stories and fun,
and loud laughter

Every 4th of July
your smile comes back
and so does your Robert Frost

thank you
for that steal at a jeopardy game
for standing up for me
twice on my wedding days

you know
I am never good with words
just with laughter and tears

happy birthday in peace!


~for Bong

***The 4th of July is Bong’s birthday. I want to remember him that way. He’s a dear friend to me. He did not turn his back when I needed a back-up. I didn’t ask a lot; but during those rare moments, he was there…not missing, not even late. He’s one of the smartest guys I know. He signed as a witness to my civil wedding. He fell asleep on the court bench while waiting for the judge to start the ceremony. He came to my second wedding as one of the secondary sponsors and was a godfather to my firstborn. He passed away last year, near the end of June. I have known he’s got illness he’s been carrying around since college days.

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to march out of March
and leave without a trace
but no, I won’t
however you spell

once I was told
to sleep with loneliness
to find the true companion

twice I was told
to leave love behind
to behold something more divine

thrice and more
I was told and sold
to uncertainty
to succumb the typical
to gamble and risk
with an assurance
of personal experiences

all the time in the world
all the chances are mine
all the possibilities played
and I must play


he is my friend
I cannot leave a friend behind.

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yes, we are!

on my way
to water friendship
bringing my notes
so i could
write songs once again

what flowers can do?
or the music in my head?
what coffee can bring?
or the smiley that you sent?

i lost you once
i tried hard to forget
yet you and i
are back!

i don’t care
how stupid this post sounds
i’m just happy

oh, before i forget
thank you
for pasting that smile
on my face
once again.

just like old school
and we’ve grown

i miss your guitar though.





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hey, shoe boy

I can hear you sing
in silence,
in your eyes
I see it

happiness is contagious my friend
and your weary heart is no more

make it last long,
no, do not burden your soul
with the whines of the voice
yet succumb
to the unspoken desires of the eyes

love is learned
you don’t have to be nervous…

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to the rainbow’s colorful end,

as the bright sun shines each day

while the moon softly lights our way

is my happiness for you…


like a book that is never closed

mesmerized by the pages;

like the doodling on the corner of the notepad

the purple ink, the scented smell


how fast can time fly we never mind at all–

we know, the universe knows

we are painted pink

and the yellow rose  is a favorite


friends who can see way beyond the eyes

can find it easy to smile at the beautiful thoughts

can always feel happiness–

pure happiness for each other.




—for Moning

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