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It breaks my heart to know that my eldest, Pete, has a rather little knowledge and understanding of our national language—Filipino. Aside from being the national language, Filipino is an academic subject every student needs to pass. No, he did not fail on any grading period ever since, but he got low marks. When he was in K2, he met Filipino. I didn’t give much thought about his subjects at that time. We focused on getting his counting, writing, and reading right. He can speak English pretty well, and I never thought it would be a hindrance to learn Filipino.

When he was in first grade, he did well in other subjects except Filipino. His teacher suggested we watch Tagalog movies, make picture dictionaries in Filipino, etc. We did nothing. It’s difficult to find a Tagalog movie appropriate for Pete’s age. Yes, that is true. We downloaded Tagalog shows for kids, but he’s never interested. You can not force everything into a child. It takes interest to learn, after all.

We left everything to chances until now. I thought he will learn it as time passes. When first grading card day came (he’s in second grade now), his adviser, my classmate in college, advised me to help out my son because he’s not doing well in Filipino. He gives the class a surprise sentence construction (in Filipino) every now and then, and Pete’s sentences are not even close. His Filipino vocabulary is poor. He doesn’t understand most of the things in the book and what the teacher says, much more with his sentences.

How will I help my son? It will take a lot of effort and time. We start today with the basics from his K2 Filipino book.

This is a big challenge for both me and my son, really and seriously. As our journey starts today, I hope he will forget MInecraft for an hour and I will forget laundry for an hour and focus on learning the Filipino vocabulary. 

May the many odds be always in our favor. 🙂


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I know this might sound unfair to my husband that he’s not in the title. Well, for one, he doesn’t want me to stop working. I understand the inner plea of help to finance our little family–he’s too cute to say that.

Last month was a turmoil. Inside. The world can still hear my Sharon Cuneta laugh. However, deep inside, the war between being a full-time mom and a working mom is at its peak. All the while, I wanted to tell my husband I’d like to stop working and be with the kids. While all that time, I was trying to convince myself to go on with my job–the job I never dreamed of having.

Whoever dreamed of designing books? Really, I think no one unless you’re in college and your degree is related to designing or publishing. But this job made my day. This job rocks! This job–book layout or designing the interior of a book–is a subconscious dream that came true; and the pay, my friend, is great. Literally, the pay is fat; and figuratively, the pay is awesome–I get my name printed in every book I get to design. How cool is that?

One more side of the job is that this is me and mine. This is something that I am passionate with. This is something I can tell my grandkids about. Something I can show my kids I can do with confidence and with a happy smile. This is the me my mother knows as her daughter. She’s always overwhelmed about the books I and my sister read and have since grade school days.

The other side of this coin is my kids–the life of my life. The two things I would not alter if I’d be given a chance to get inside a time machine. With work between them and me, I feel guilty most of the time. Guilty that I can’t be there with them during the day like other moms. Guilty that I can’t send to and fetch them from school everyday like other moms. Guilty that when they get home from school, they won’t find me there waiting for them. Guilty that I don’t cook for them because we don’t have our own kitchen, our very own home yet.

I feel the need to stop working to be with the kids–to be a real mom to them. Apparently, this is the modern era where moms go out to work and not manage the household. I explained to each of my kids why I have to go to work everyday whenever they cry and hug my leg on my way out. They find it quite absurd to work so I can buy them toys, clothes, food, video games, and to pay for tuition. Papa has to do that part, they say. How I wish life is as easy as that. But no. It’s not. But what’s there to do? Win the lottery?

What I have come up to appease my ever-growing guilt is to believe that everything is temporary. The kids will grow and the needs will not be the same as they are right now. I know more will be expected from each of us, but that thought is being held in the back of my mind as of the moment. Right now, I have to focus on getting my daily goals on track so I can come home with more energy than before. With that, I can spend hours with the kids before we retire at night. Because I can’t send  them off to school in the morning, I will fetch them from school in the afternoon. Because I can’t cook for them during weekdays, I will cook for them during weekends. We can spend an hour for assignments together each night and watch movies on Friday and Saturday nights. Do some art and other crazy things on Sunday mornings and nap together in the afternoons. Sounds simple, and in reality a difficult sked to keep. But God helps to those who make things work out. I know and I believe.

I can’t quit from work, and I can’t take my kids for granted. They need me. God gave them to me as my charges, my responsibility. I take care of them because I’m their mom. But there are other needs to be met too. Most of these are for them and for their future. I know they understand. They’re smart kids.


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swirly doodling art

can you spot the number 3?

I doodle when the teacher is in the long lecture mode.
I can concentrate this way.
It’s fascinating how shading swirls form shapes, objects, letters, and even faces.
My 3-year old is now interested in art. After the basic lines and swirls, I introduce this style to her.
We used Microsoft Paint. It’s much easier to use for a kid than Adobe Photoshop, not messy and saves time.
She loves to put the colors on the spaces, giggling and wide-eyed.
She can see her work anytime she wants without ruining it with a dirty hand.
I’d love to paint with her and Aya one day when I’m not that busy and when the most awaited poster paints, canvas and brushes are purchased.

I’m not sure what’s the official terminology for this type, but I call this swirly doodling art.

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