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This is a song by Filipino artist Ariel Rivera in the nineties. 

I still have the photograph of you
I’ve keep it all this years
I guess it would make you laugh to know
It still brings back the tears
From another place and time
When your love was mine
A picture of innocence— your eyes
They move me even now
If I had the confidence– I’d try
To bring you back somehow
To another place and time
When your love was mine

Maybe I’m just a sentimental fool
Bringing back memories
From a photograph of you,

Back to another place and time
When your love was mine

I still have a photograph of you
I’ve kept it all these years.

This was the first thing that came to my mind when DP posted Always Something There to Remind Me—something I haven’t listened to for almost a year.

The irony is, I don’t have a photograph of or a person worth remembering out of this song. I just love to listen to it. It’s filled with longing and love—just the right size of romance. Big factor is the artist’s cool voice and the emotion it brings—it’s like missing someone I can’t even grasp who.

Still, Ariel Rivera will always be my favorite OPM singer. Thanks for reminding me, DP.


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your song brings about

what is left of me

how did i found out

i don’t want to know


and there’s your guitar

why can’t it stop playing…

that same song

over and over again.


i shouldn’t look at pictures

when i’m in the dark

for all i can see

won’t stop the tears


you shouldn’t look

at the scar

now look at you

teary-eyed again


don’t ask

i won’t answer anyway

don’t push

i might fail to pretend.

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