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the puzzle piece

lie to yourself

lost soul?

make believe there is

and there are?

fill in the blanks

with misspelled emotions…

void filled, eh?


hide away

far and low

down, dig

that pit

swallowed whole, yes?


it could have been easier…

look at the sky

high, floating by

no matter

gray, blue, no hue

it won’t stop for you


just let it be,

puzzle piece.

stay in your place

do your homework

no need to kick hard

just shine.




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like a masterpice


walk away

from a point, maybe by the window

where the light is,

from the roof

where the view is absolute,

from within…

so the dream can be captured, bared.


How often

trials are spent

untimed, uncontrolled

just to grasp that flicker

that moment, that shade

How often

outbursts flare

that bushfire within

raging frustration

over this…


This piece of moment

this masterpiece

this shade, color


a lifetime spent, a minute gone…


How to depart from art

how to ever be patient with patience

how to treat time as if it were nothing,

but a mere passerby?

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