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Oh my mouth has kept its peace

But my mind is full
of dark-colored words
ready, ever ready
to be sputtered
any given full second

Yet my heart
yearns so much peace nowadays
wants to fill my head with soft whispers
of security, love, calmness…
She secures the mouth, she reassures the mind

To become what is wanted to become
must come with a price
and mighty a price it is–
keep the mouth closed.


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Sa kalaay ako hapit na moangay
Huyatid way limit
Manghuy-ab sa kainit

Pastilan ning kinabuhi
Sa way masapi
Sige lag Facebook, Google, WordPress
Mga tuldo hapit na mangnigpis

Gutom na kay tingpaniudto
Unya kay gasalig na man lang ko
Ang kaikog daw ikog na gyud
Gihigot na sa akong tiyan ug likod
Aron ang kabuhi di moipsot

Kung hangtod kanus-a ni
Wa pa gyud mahibaw-i
Unsaon ta man
Lisod mangita og panginabuhian

Minstras tanto
Bisan ideya di ingon ana kamaayo
Mag-Internet lang sa, pang-alibyo
Sa kasingkasing nga gahuot
Sa tiyan nga gakutoy.

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to the Wall

my own walk

along the top

of a crumbling wall

through the twists and turns

through the storm of tears

and the thunder of laughters


perhaps I was mad

to scale it over

and over again

to walk again and be pushed

and be pushed once more


i have clung

to the side

my hands nowhere

my head pressing

hard on the top

the rest

a dangling thread


perhaps I was mad

to smile

amid the crush

of my skull


as I walk

away from the wall

I pray for solace

for air and wings

for the elements of sanity

to come back to me

and bear me

to my end of days



**A wall is supposed to be a protection from the harmful elements of the outside world.
A wall is supposed to be standing–a supportive structure. However, reality bites. Walls can crumble down. Walls may stand through time–like a statue, like a tombstone–cold and emotionless.

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my heart

could be fooled



redder than your favorite red

soft as cotton candy

a vampire sucking out your sanity


yet my heart is yours

omg, deal with it!

i promised to the universe

i vowed to protect it

my lifeline

you and my heart


it could have been easier

if i wrote a letter

but it would be a long one.

you don’t like to read.

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my tongue is tied with

your sweet smiles

your own language

i like to giggle

when you talk

i want to catch them all

hold them in my heart

keep them in my memory

your voice

is a breeze on a summer day

soft as marshmallows…

your queries

are like cherries

topping my ice cream

because i love you

i love your talks

your english

your cebuano

jumbled together

because you love

to communicate

to speak your eyes

to tell your stories

i don’t mind translating

i don’t mind listening

i don’t mind wondering

i never mind at all.

keep talking, baby

mama listens

even when my head is turned

even when my eyes are closed

even when I’m far

i hear your sweet voice

i hear your love.


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when it shouldn’t matter

my mother cried

for the pain

i no longer feel

she felt

i am lost in the sea of trouble

i am a pity sight amid insensitivity

i am dumb to bump my head

straight into the wall

well, i promised twice

bore twice

i cannot go just yet

all the years

i have hope


a woman

a wounded fighter

bent but never broken

she might have forgotten

i am her offspring

born from her strength

sweetness, vigor, willingness

i have her spirit

the freewill of the wind

the strength of steel

when darkness strikes

i recollect the broken dreams

and the singing days

the toiling till dusk

the burden of bare living

i vowed to be like you

to carry on

live, love, be happy

even when at a loss of reasons

hold on even to the tiniest thread

to survive

fighting like a blind man

to keep us together


do not be so afraid

do not worry too much

i am me

i can’t let them take that.

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darlene dear, do not believe…


…that black is always evil

for behind that veil

a messed mascara can be seen

dripping from the swollen eyes

from tears and pain

black has been a friend

for decades, for ever

all these hidden miseries

noir so helpfully conceal


… that bright colors

always bring joy

for behind that happy smile

lurks a sorrowed heart

blinded by the bright colors

lost, pretending to be found


what color you wear

won’t tell much of what you are

will only tell of what you try to hide,

tried so hard to hide.

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