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ay, for life

I didn’t mean

to be full of meaning

to an entry

in your dictionary

why do I bother you so?


my ways are not


my belief

is nothing to you


why want such a mirror

when you can just look 

at your self

flatter, narcissus


nothing is nothing

and nothing

means non

the un should never be

taken as nothing

but the mere lack

of enthusiasm


I may be blind

but you are

ignorant of such blindness


all there is you see

is your foolish self

so full of you.


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the dangerous game
of pretense
of who to turn to
who to despise
who to pester

when the storm busts
it should turn the nest over
not pass by with just
as much as a flip 
of your dead hair

honesty slash reality
hits hard
throws back
knocks down
the best pretentions of sanity
the dashing walls of arrogance

spare me
your patronage
i am not a statue.

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i could leave the page blank

or doodle all the way

make a heart or balloons

lovely flowers or the moon


i could fold it and make a plane

blow some wishful air

let it soar

higher and higher it could go

yet somehow farther than me

it would fall


but i could leave it blank

with water marks

shaped like small splashes

slightly dented in the middle

maybe you could see it

maybe you won’t


i could crumple it

i could squeeze it real tight

until my hand hurts

and you might see

how the anger, the pain

are setting in



yet i am me

i choose me

my decision


i am leaving it blank.

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i am sorry

i don’t look at your eyes

not often


if i do

i’d lose it

i’d give in to the welling tears

ever so ready to fall


your presence makes me

feel i’m twenty again

that i have to decide,

have to figure out

what love and cowardice

can do to me.


you are me

in an overwhelming way


no, you do not hurt me

you set my spirit in a trance

and you turn back time

i have to fight you and me

and our strength is quite a challenge

to this rusted vigor



i am sorry.

do not misinterpret.

the only way to win this battle,

this everyday battle is

by not looking at your eyes

your beautiful eyes.

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